Longboard Decks Cheap

A longboard deck is the wooden part of the complete longboard. Just the board without the trucks or wheels.
We have some great longboard decks which are cheap and excellent to get you started on a small budget.

longboard decks

Longboard decks come in many variations like size, shape, thickness, flex, designs and type of wood.
Some decks are blank, others have graphics.

For both you have to add trucks and wheels to finish your board. The deck is the part of the board you stand on, so it needs to somehow fit the size of your shoes to feel comfortable and align with the riding style you want to use it for.

sizes of longboard decks

Decks are a great starting point to put together your own setup and combine it with the longboard trucks and wheels you feel most comfortable with. Custom build your board to fit your needs or just get the deck.

Longboard decks can also be used as decoration or be combined with trucks and wheel of older longboards my might have (in that case - some assembly required).