Gravity longboard decks

Gravity Longboards is a company based in San Marcos, California with high quality Gravity longboard decks and skateboard decks. Gravity longboards is a trusted and respected company. The Gravity skateboard decks and Gravity longboard decks are made right here in California rather than overseas.

They also manufacture all longboard and skateboard trucks and longboard skateboard wheels. It helps create jobs in America. Gravity longboard decks are awesome! There are many vibrant designs and colors. You can ride a long way on the boards. Their quality, durability and versatility is great. Every year, new longboard deck designs are coming out, so check back often. We carry them all.

Gravity Longboards

Gravity longboard decks comes in different styles. Think of pintails, kicktails, drop through longboards, top mount and mini longboards.
If you are interested in all Gravity Longboards decks and boards check it out: Gravity longboards.