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Drop Thru Longboard

A Drop Thru Longboard or Drop Through longboard is in most cases a symmetrical board that has a cut out at the front and end, allowing the base of the trucks to be mounted through the deck. When doing this, the board will be lower to the ground allowing a greater stability at higher speeds.

Drop Through Longboards

An advantage of a drop thru is the symmetry, so you do not have to turn the board around when you go back or make a 180 slide. Drop through longboards are a great all around longboard. You can cruise and freeride on it. You can bomb those hills with ease and confidence. They offers great stability offering a more stable center since it is lower to the ground. You can carve and slide with precision.

You can get it either blank or with a great design from many different brands and they are available in different lengths. If you do not want a complete drop through longboard, you can also buy only the deck and add your own trucks and wheels.
We selected a couple of boards for you, hope you like them.
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