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Drop Through Longboards

Drop Through longboards, often characterized by their symmetrical design, present a unique advantage for riders. These boards eliminate the need for reorienting the board each time one needs to change direction, simplifying your ride. They are distinguished by a unique cut-out at the front and back, a design element that allows the base of the trucks to be fastened through the deck.

The positioning of the deck closer to the ground offers numerous benefits, key among them enhanced stability, particularly during high-speed rides. This makes Drop Through longboards the go-to choice for longboarding enthusiasts seeking a balanced blend of comfort, performance, and safety.

These versatile longboards are exemplary in their utility. They are perfectly suited for leisurely cruising or thrilling freeriding, providing a ride that caters to all styles. When it comes to downhill rides, Drop Through longboards excel, allowing you to conquer steep inclines with absolute confidence. Additionally, their low center of gravity aids in performing precision carving and sliding maneuvers.

Top 5 reasons why to pick a drop though board:

  1. **Versatility**: Drop Through longboards are designed for a multitude of activities. Whether you're cruising the neighborhood, carving down winding paths, or charging downhill, these boards adapt seamlessly to every environment and style. Their versatility enhances the overall riding experience, making it a lot more enjoyable.
  2. **Stability**: Owing to the lower center of gravity, Drop Through longboards offer increased stability, particularly at higher speeds. This stability doesn't just ensure safety, but it also makes for a smoother, more comfortable ride that is simply fun to experience.
  3. **Easy to Handle**: The symmetrical design of these longboards means you don't have to flip the board around when changing direction. This makes Drop Through longboards less cumbersome to maneuver, contributing to a more effortless and enjoyable ride.
  4. **Customizable**: The ability to personalize your Drop Through longboard, either with a unique design or by selecting the perfect length, allows you to make your board truly yours. The joy of riding a board that reflects your personality or fits perfectly with your riding style adds an extra layer of fun to the experience.
  5. **Great for Tricks**: Their design and stability make Drop Through longboards a great platform for performing tricks. From precise carving to impressive slides, these boards are not just about getting from A to B, they're about doing it with style. Learning and mastering these tricks can be a thrilling and enjoyable process.

These longboards come with a host of customization options. You can select one with a pre-existing design or opt for a blank canvas and add your own creative touch. Numerous brands offer these boards, adding to the diversity of options at your disposal. You can also choose the length that suits you best, with various lengths available to accommodate your specific needs and riding style. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned rider, a Drop Through longboard promises an exhilarating, tailored ride. If you do not want a complete drop through longboard, you can just buy the deck only.

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