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Downhill longboarding: speeding down slopes

If you are new to longboarding, surely you have any doubts, since there are different forms and styles of longboarding. To find out which one appeals to you the most and fits your style, and even to learn more about this wonderful sport, in this blog we will explain what is the downhill longboard style.

It consists of going down a slope, usually a curvy road, at full speed with your longboard. The most experienced riders reach speeds of 100 km/h, with the foot or the skid as the only brake. Downhill riding is usually accompanied by freeriding, which is skidding with the longboard, so riders can break before the turn or make the turn by skidding.

For downhill there are 2 types of longboards, drop through and top mount. The drop through has a little more stability as the board is more flush to the ground, the top mount has the advantage of having more room to put your feet.

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What all downhill longboards have in common is that they do not have a flex (or low flex), to have more stability. Most downhill longboards also have a medium lenght, between 37″ and 41″. If the longboard is too short we will have little stability, but more ease of turning and reaction. If the longboard is too long we will have a lot of stability, but little turning and reaction speed.

The people who practice the downhill longboarding are experienced riders with a high level of performance in longboarding. It is practiced with a protected gear like leather suit, longboard gloves, and full-face helmet. You have to be very well protected because a fall will cause burns and very serious blows, and you risk your life. The ideal is to go to a downhill event and so you have a road where no cars pass and that every corner is protected. If not, you have to look for a time and a place with little traffic and go very carefully, it is recommended to go with a car in front that opens the way and warns you when another comes.

Indeed, it is a very extreme style that requires protection, caution and above all experience, since the risk of a fall or losing control of your longboard is very high, thanks to the speed you acquire going down roads and sliding through its curves, but it is certainly worth learning more about this style, because, the extreme, although not for everyone, it is something that will attract the attention of many people who practice this sport and undoubtedly, your brain will release adrenaline that will make you feel different. It's a lifestyle.

If you want to know more about downhill boards, you can buy yours on our website, and you can even find most of the protection gear for it. Find more information about other styles of skateboard or longboard, what are you waiting to learn more?

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History is written every day, but only icons, manage to leave their mark on it to become legends. This is the story of Madrid Skateboard, a flagship brand that managed to reach Hollywood and Netflix, thanks to the innovation, quality and perseverance of its creators.
Skateboarding and longboarding are sports that are more than just fun and having a great time with friends, bring with them a lot of styles! And to have the best style you need to have the best board!
Before making the decision to get on a longboard, it is important that you know its parts because learning about its functionality will be fundamental for your performance. When you start practicing longboarding, you should be aware not only of the tricks but also of its parts.
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