Custom Made Longboards

Custom made longboards is a way to get it the way YOU want it instead of choosing an already standard complete longboard. You can start from the beginning, get layers veneer at a hardware store, wood glue, a press, heavy objects or bricks to get it in the right shape and spray paint to finish it off. This will take a while, but if you have the time and the knowledge, your longboard will be epic! You will be very proud and you will be in the spotlights for sure! You can find several tutorials online on how make it your own longboard successful from scratch. But for a many, this is what you do not want to do. Too much work, too hard to do and maybe you do not have the time for it. You want to enjoy your board as fast as possible when you decide you want a longboard. Well... you are still able to get a special one and customize your own.

To get custom made longboards you start with picking the kind of longboard deck you want. Choose a deck shape (pintail, kicktail, drop through for example) and material (bamboo, maple or fiberglass). The next step is to choose trucks. You can choose a brand name truck or a colored truck. After that, pick your wheels. Check the size, shape and color. These are usually the only thing you have to choose most of the time. The bearings would usually chosen for you, which are usually Abec 7 or 9. If you want to choose your bearings too, please let us know. Your board will be put together over a few days and you will have your own creation. If you do not an option to select a color wheel, let us know and we can check if it is possible. We are able to do this on most boards, but not every single one.

To make it more special, you can make your own longboard at home the easy way too. If you choose a blank longboard deck, you can paint or color it the way you want it. There are many tutorials online that tells you how to do this. Creating your own longboard is not hard. Pick a simple design and draw or paint it on your longboard with a template or by hand.

There is one other simple way to custom made your own board without any work. You just add stickers, which most distributors have, or you can buy a longboard with already a design on it and you only have to choose your trucks and wheels. There are many options to have your own stunning longboard. There are many ways to make it custom. Let your creativity flow.

Below are some samples we have to customize your board. Check them out.

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