Cheap Drop Through Longboards

Looking for a cheap board?

We have several great drop through longboards for you to pick from.

Drop Through longboards are symmetrical boards, so you do not have to turn the board around when you go back. They have a cut out at the front and at the end, allowing the base of the trucks to be mounted through the deck.
As result the board will be lower to the ground (v.s. a standard top mount) allowing for greater stability at higher speeds.

Cheap Drop Through Longboards

Getting a low priced board does not mean you have to get a low quality board. No all our board are just great. You will get a great all around longboard to cruise and freeride. Great for hills and you can ride with confidence and you can carve and slide with precision.

The cheaper boards are without designs so you can decorate it your self or spent a little more and get a great design/print it's up to you. Get one of the Cheap Drop Through Longboards today!
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