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Blank Longboard Deck

A Blank Longboard Deck gives you more options. You can decorate it the way you want instead of having it already decorated for you with a specific design. You can make a blank longboard deck special and make it your own.

blank longboard decks

A Blank longboard deck is available in different shapes, sizes and material. Think about pintails, kicktails, drop through and drop downs longboards. Sometimes you can buy it also with a logo, but the board is still blank and you can still decorated the way you want it. You can get a blank longboard deck in sizes from 26 inches up to 46 inches. Some of these sizes and shapes are available in either maple or bamboo or even mixed.

A blank deck is made out of quality wood, just like its designed brothers and sisters. It can last a long time.

A blank longboard deck mostly comes in 7 or 8 ply Canadian or hard rock maple wood.
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