Pompom Skateboards

Pompom Skateboards

POMPOM makes Premium skateboards, and cruisers & has a skate team to even the scene. Their motto is "Roll with us!"
POM POM began in 2008 as the first snow, surf & skate wax company led by an all-girl team. They believe everyone deserves a high-quality skateboard, whether you are a beginner or an experienced skateboarder. Their boards are designed and tested by skateboarders (ie the owners) to ensure you are set up for success with a premium ride. Whether you just want to cruise around, try some tricks or go for speed, Pom Pom got something for you.
Pom pom skateboard

Check out the great and uniquely shaped boards from POM POM skateboards, you will love them.

What makes PomPom Skateboards stand out from other skateboard brands?

PomPom Skateboards is known for its vibrant, fun, and unique designs that bring a touch of playfulness to the skateboarding scene. The brand's focus on quality and creative aesthetics makes it a popular choice among skaters looking for a board that reflects their personality.

In the dance of the wheels, can PomPom Skateboards lead both novices and masters alike?

As the symphony of skateboarding unfolds, PomPom Skateboards gracefully guide skaters of all skill levels, from the tender first steps of the beginner to the soaring leaps of the experienced rider, celebrating each unique journey.

Will my PomPom Skateboard withstand the tempests of my most passionate skate sessions?

Fear not, for your PomPom Skateboard is crafted with the strength and resilience of a steadfast heart. High-quality materials and skilled artisanship ensure that your board can weather the storms of your most fervent skate pursuits.