Best Drop Down Longboards Best Drop Down Longboards

Best Drop Down Longboards

Looking for the best drop down longboards available today?
So you want a relax ride, or go fast sliding down the slopes? Which longboard brand do you prefer, does it matter?

The distinctive design of a lowered deck effectively reduces your center of gravity, leading to a more balanced and stable ride, providing you with enhanced control and safety.

Presented below is a selection of some of the finest drop-down longboards (also known as drop deck longboards), from industry-leading brands such as Gravity Skateboards, Madrid Skateboards, and Bamboo Skateboards. These veteran manufacturers have been crafting exceptional boards for many years and possess the knowledge and expertise to create truly outstanding products.

The notion of "the best" is inherently subjective and varies greatly from person to person. The choice of the best board can hinge on many factors, including personal preferences, such as the appropriate bushings, truck configurations, and even minor details like the tightness of the kingpin.

5 Great reasons to pick a drop down loadingboard shape:

  1. **Stability**: Drop down longboards are designed with a lowered deck, which significantly reduces the rider's center of gravity. This specific design feature enhances stability, making it easier to control the board, especially at high speeds or during downhill rides.
  2.  **Speed**: Due to their lowered center of gravity, drop down longboards are ideal for downhill racing. They allow riders to maintain higher speeds while ensuring better control, which is crucial in competitive longboarding.
  3. **Pushing and Braking**: The drop down design makes the board closer to the ground, which makes pushing and foot-braking much easier. This is beneficial for long distance riding and commuting, reducing rider fatigue over time.
  4. **Sliding**: The unique shape of a drop down longboard, combined with its low center of gravity, makes initiating slides easier. This characteristic is especially advantageous for freeriding and downhill sliding, where control during slides is essential.
  5. **Beginner-friendly**: Drop down longboards are an excellent choice for beginners. The increased stability and ease of control help new riders learn the basics of longboarding more efficiently. Furthermore, their design makes it easier to practice and master different riding techniques.
What we consider "the best" is deeply individual, so much so that we wouldn't dare to make sweeping generalizations. Nonetheless, these boards have been acclaimed as the best by a wide array of users, making them worthy of consideration. Take a look, explore these options, and if you have any inquiries or need guidance, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to assist you in finding your perfect match.

For the full list of drop down longboard see the Drop Down Longboards by shape section.

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