Paris Trucks Co

Paris Truck Co is a leading company in the skateboard truck industry, offering a variety of products including trucks, hardware, apparel, and accessories. Their trucks come in different styles such as V3 trucks, reverse kingpin trucks, street trucks, mix-ups, and a tropic series. The company also provides hardware like bushings, riser pads, nuts/bolts, and washers.

Paris Truck Co is known for its commitment to quality, with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects in workmanship or materials for the original owner. The company encourages skaters to ride their trucks to their fullest, demonstrating a strong connection with their consumer base​

The company has a positive reputation among its customers, with many praising the quality and performance of its products. Customers have described their products as "righteous ride", "fantastic", and "quality"​

Paris Truck Co also shows an active commitment to community engagement, being keen on being part of events like slide jams, outlaws, sanctioned races, or anything that brings the community together

The company is located in Los Alamitos, California USA, Check out their awesome trucks.

Do Paris trucks offer good value for their cost?

When it comes to cast trucks, Paris trucks are always a solid choice, particularly the V3 models. They offer a smooth and controlled turn and lean, stability, and are incredibly user-friendly. They perfectly embody what one would consider excellent in a truck. These qualities make them not just suitable for seasoned skaters but also an excellent choice for beginners learning the ropes of skateboarding. Their consistent performance truly sets them apart.

Are Paris trucks any good?

Yes, Paris skateboard trucks are generally well-regarded in the skateboarding community. They are known for their superior quality, smooth and responsive turning, as well as their stability, making them a popular choice for both beginners and experienced skateboarders. Their V3 models, in particular, have been praised for their performance. However, as with any product, personal preference and specific use-cases play a significant role in determining what constitutes a "good" skateboard truck.

Where is Paris Trucks Co Located

They are Headquarted in Los Alamitos, California.