All you Need to Know to Choose the Best Longboard Trucks

All you Need to Know to Choose the Best Longboard Trucks

When we enter into the world of longboarding, every detail must be taken into account; one of the most important aspects to consider is the trucks. Basically, trucks are T-shaped metal pieces that attach to the bottom of the longboard deck and are fixed to the wheels. Although the purpose of the trucks is the same, longboard trucks are different from skateboard trucks, as longboard trucks are wider to adapt to the difference in deck size. For this reason, longboard and skateboard trucks cannot be used interchangeably. Trucks are measured by the width of the hanger or by the width of the shaft.

When it comes to choosing trucks for your longboard, it can be a bit confusing. The longer the longboard deck, the longer the wheelbase and the harder it is to turn. You can measure the wheelbase by knowing the distance from the front to the rear wheels. There is no one correct answer when asked what is the best truck or truck design; it's all a matter of personal preference. However, every truck has a purpose, and it is important to understand what features are good for what applications.

There are four types of longboard trucks you should know about:

1. Precision Longboard Trucks
Precision trucks are different from regular longboard trucks in terms of construction and configuration. These types of trucks are not for everyone because these precision are designed to offer free riders and riders exceptional performance. Another aspect is that these trucks outperform and last much longer than other ones, therefore they tend to have a high price tag.

2. Standard Kingpin Longboard Trucks
These are the regular or traditional trucks used on streets and parks. But these SKP skateboard trucks are also used on smaller longboard cruisers. These trucks provide more stability than other types of trucks because they are designed to roll low.
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3. Reverse Kingpin Longboard Trucks
Most longboards come with Reverse Kingpin Trucks. The Reverse Kingpin longboard trucks are usually taller than SKP trucks. The interesting thing about RKP longboard trucks is that they allow you to customize your setup however you want. Since RKPs sit higher than traditional trucks, they turn and carve easier and better, so they are ideal for freeride, freestyle, carving, push longboarding/carving, and downhill.‏‏‎ ‎
RKP trucks are taller than other traditional trucks and reduce the wheelbase, this is why they are not suitable for smaller cruiser longboards, especially cruisers with kicktails. To get the most out of these trucks, ride them on a board whose wheelbase is at least 20″.
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4. Dual-pivot Longboard Trucks
Just like RKPs, dual-pivot trucks have a high center of gravity, which means stability isn't their strong suit. But when it comes to responsiveness, dual-pivot longboards are still unmatched, and because they stand taller than most, these trucks offer riders lightning-fast turns and are great for cruising speed.
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the best trucks for your riding style

Anyone who loves skateboarding knows how important trucks are as they hold the wheels to the deck and allow riders to turn. No longboard is complete without a set of trucks, but don't just put any pair on a board. There are many different features that vary from a longboard that will change the ride of it drastically. One of them is the angle of the baseplate.

The baseplate angle is another critical consideration when choosing the right trucks for your longboard as it determines the quality of the turn of it. You can choose one of the two main baseplate angles as follows:

  • High degree longboard trucks
  • Low degree longboard trucks

If you don't know which pair of trucks to choose, it all depends on your riding style. Baseplates designed with a high degree of angle are taller and noticeably more rotatable than baseplates with a lower degree and vice versa. With a higher grade baseplate, applying a little pressure on the edge of the deck causes the board to rotate greatly. Conversely, a lower baseplate angle causes a not-so-smooth and easy turn.

For longboard riding styles such as freestyle, carving, push longboard (transport), and low-speed freeride, a 50-degree angle works great. But when it comes to high-speed downhill and freeride, a lower degree baseplate would be preferable. In this case, you should choose a 42-degree baseplate.

Now that you know a little more about longboard trucks, don't wait any longer to get the ones that best suit your preferences and riding style. Browse around our website Longboards USA and check out all the trucks and accessories that are waiting for you.

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