Timber Zorro Chilote 40" Freestyle Longboard Deck - Longboards USA
Timber Zorro Chilote 40" Freestyle Longboard Deck - Longboards USA
Timber Zorro Chilote 40" Freestyle Longboard Deck - Longboards USA
Timber Zorro Chilote 40" Freestyle Longboard Deck - Longboards USA
Timber Zorro Chilote 40" Freestyle Longboard Deck - Longboards USA

Timber Zorro Chilote 40" Freestyle Longboard Deck

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Product Description

Discover the Zorro Chilote – A Phenomenon of Evolution with Inspiration from Darwin's Fox! Embark on a Sensational Journey through Chile's Rainforests with our Zorro Chilote, named after the rare and endangered Darwin's Fox, a small creature that challenges traditional fox definitions. The Zorro Chilote has evolved with the latest knowledge, blending the best of the past and present. This 40″ freestyle masterpiece bridges the gap between the shorter El-Toro and slightly longer Axolotl, delivering an unbeatable experience under your feet.

Are you a skate enthusiast, always seeking the next level of artistry in your ride? Look no further than the Zorro Chilote, a freestyle longboard deck that combines stunning design with enhanced performance. Meticulously crafted to embody the agility and resilience of Darwin's Fox, this deck will elevate your skating experience whether you're dancing, carving, or simply cruising through the city or park. Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with the Zorro Chilote.


- Length: 40.5"
- Width: 9.2"
- Wheelbase: 23.1" - 24.3"
- Features: 2 stage kicks, Long wheel wells
- Materials: Bamboo and Fiberglass
- Concavity: Mellow
- Finish: Abrasion-resistant top finish
- Grip: Dancergrip (clear)


Product code: TB-ZC001
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General Description


Crafted with cutting-edge construction, the Zorro Chilote boasts a robust horizontally and vertically laminated bamboo core. The core is strategically sandwiched between layers of fiberglass, carbon fiber, bio-epoxy, and bamboo veneers, creating a composite box construction that ensures durability and peak performance. The bamboo veneer on the top and bottom not only adds to the deck’s strength but also keeps your hands free from glass residue. This new and improved layup makes for a stronger board with stiffer kicks. 

Mechanical properties
The fact is that the tensile strength of carbon is one of the strongest in the world. We do not shy away from adding this composite in this board like we do for all, so saying that this feature is special for Zorro Chilote would be a lie. The all-new bio-epoxy ensures a superior bond and stiffness, surpassing anything we’ve used before. The result is a deck that stands strong against the test of time.

In short, it’s a fully updated Conselecta shape totaling 40.5” in length and a width of 9.2”. It’s made to be a light, flippy, and quick-popping deck and can also be very well-ridden with 165mm trucks for extra flipness. The sidewalls have been engineered to distribute impact forces to reduce chipping. Lengthwise they are a bit rounded but this increases the chance your deck will roll a bit more on a primo slam instead of disintegrating on impact. The edges of the deck are also rounded off more to keep the looks good even longer. rounded edges enhance durability and aesthetics, ensuring your deck looks good for the long haul.

With a 12mm median concave, slightly more pronounced than the El Toro, perfectly tailored for the extended wheelbase. This unique design ensures the Zorro Chilote maintains the stiffness of its shorter sibling without the need for extra reinforcements, keeping it agile and light. Small wheel flares provide comfort during casual cruises and add finesse to light freeriding. The addition of a rocker not only enhances stability but also lends a hand for those jaw-dropping, extra-high Ollies.

Engineered for the boldest tricks, Zorro’s kicks are a testament to innovation inspired by years of street skating evolution. Beyond the bolts, the kicks stay flat, creating pressure pockets that turn flip-tricks into a seamless experience. As you move along the upward angle, revel in a pop that stands the test of time. The kicks also boast a touch of concave on the upward part, delivering precise control for intricate no-comply combos. The extra 3mm layer of bamboo at the kicks’ ends ensures durability, allowing you to push your limits without worrying about wear and tear.

Navigate the urban landscape with ease – the Zorro Chilote strikes the perfect balance. Opt for a long tail and short wheelbase 23.1″ for maximum control and quick pops or choose a shorter tail with a longer wheelbase 24.3″ for enhanced control at higher speeds and massive pop. Both options seamlessly accommodate reversed kingpin and traditional kingpin trucks, giving you the freedom to customize your ride.

Elevate your longboarding experience with the Zorro Chilote – where concave, kicks, and wheelbase options converge to create a board that’s as dynamic as your riding style. Order now and embrace the evolution of urban cruising and freestyle mastery! 

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