Timber El Toro 39" Freestyle Longboard Deck - Longboards USA
Timber El Toro 39" Freestyle Longboard Deck - Longboards USA
Timber El Toro 39" Freestyle Longboard Deck - Longboards USA
Timber El Toro 39" Freestyle Longboard Deck - Longboards USA
Timber El Toro 39" Freestyle Longboard Deck - Longboards USA

Timber El Toro 39" Freestyle Longboard Deck

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Product Description

Unleash your freestyle potential with the Timber El Toro 39" Freestyle Longboard Deck, designed to elevate your riding experience to new heights. This deck isn't just a board; it's your new partner in the dance of street surfing, combining technical prowess with stunning aesthetics to keep every ride visually exciting and high-performing.

Crafted for enthusiasts and seasoned riders alike, the El Toro offers a harmonious blend of flexibility and strength, ensuring it can handle everything from basic cruising to complex tricks and maneuvers. The newly implemented pressing method enhances the deck's durability and balance, allowing for a smoother, more controlled ride. Additionally, the vibrant and sharper graphics, thanks to the improved printing technology, ensure that your board stands out in a crowd, not just for its performance but also for its eye-catching design.


- Length: 39.17"
- Width: 9.13"
- Wheelbase: 21.46" - 22.64"
- Features: 2 stage kicks, Long wheel wells
- Materials: Bamboo and Fiberglass
- Concavity: Mellow
- Finish: Abrasion-resistant top finish
- Grip: Dancergrip (clear)

Product code: TB-ET0001
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General Description

In a world… where skaters are searching for the best, the strongest, the most bad-ass-looking freestyle deck. For millennia, the horde of bulls has made uncountable sacrifices to summon the final shape, the board that will end all wars. But FIRST: murder and mayhem.

El Toro will feature most prominently the subtle but noticeable mini drop right behind the bolts. A multi-stage concave throughout gives you optimal control of all dimensions you want to throw this beast in. Whether it be kickflips or heelflips, ollies, or whatever trick you can conjure up in your limitless imagination; This deck will be predictable, strong, trustworthy, and above all else: monstrous.

Microdrop will give you a greater grip at the stance and board control will be immense because it will catch your feet early. Without a drop, you might need to catch the higher flip tricks on the kick. Thanks to the drop you will have earlier and better control.

It has concave at the bolts of 0.1". This adds to the stiffness and overall toughness of the kicks.
In the middle, the concave is 0.39". Enough to notice it, but not too much.

5.1-6.2" long kicks, depending on your chosen wheelbase.
This deck features kickplates, as we call them. It is an extra layer of bamboo sandwiched between the veneer and some glass. This will give you a stronger pop and longer-lasting tails.

Mechanical Properties
It is as strong as a bull. If you want a less ‘out there’ description, here it is:
Because of the flowing and relatively substantial concave throughout the board in combination with the optimal combination of weaves of both glass- and carbon fiber this board is stiff. The inner tension because of the shapes gives it a whip-like effect when popping. A bullwhip? Yes. This is what you want when jumping from stairs and landing those big tricks that will woo the audiences of many longboard competitions. But if you just skate for fun, WHICH IS OKAY BY THE WAY, you want a board that will last and stay strong for as long as it can.

The fact is that the tensile strength of carbon is one of the strongest in the world. We do not shy away from adding this composite to this here board. All of our boards have reinforced kicks, so saying that this feature is special for El Toro would be a lie. But because of the total length, shape, length of the kicks, the drop, hell… the whole design, the reinforcement we put into this thing might just be a little overkill.

The inner wheelbase is 21.46. Whereas the outer wheelbase is 22.64"
This deck will feature a flat mount for your trucks. So this board will carve exactly the way you want it to.

Fast freestyle madness. Fliptricks will go flying. The pop is high and as strong as the day is long.

Suggested set-up
165 – 180mm TKP or RKP trucks, 60-66mm wheels

Disclaimers. Due to the many variations in phones, monitors, and browsers, the colors in pictures might be slightly different than on the final product. The pictures reflect the product as best as we can. However, sometimes components or color combinations are not available. Manufacturers reserve the right to substitute components on the longboard completes without notice which may alter the descriptions above. The substitution will always happen with equal or better-quality components. Sometimes a complete longboard is shown, whereas the offer is for a board only or vice versa, which is highlighted in the description.
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