Stella Longboard Supersauce 36" - Complete

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discontinued board

This directional downhill board will melt your face off and will blaze past your friends going down the hills.

The Super Sauce longboard is concocted with half inch radial concave and rear foot pockets to lock your back foot in. You have plenty of foot-space and the board permit deep turns. The wheelbase is adjustable and it allows the temperature to your preferred level of hot. The Stella Super Sauce longboard comes gripped with our beefy Stella Extra-Coarse griptape.

Great downhill longboard for lots of speed.
    • Construction: 8 Plys 100% Canadian Maple
    • Shape: Directional Downhill | W Concave, CNC Wheel Wells
    • Size: 36" x 10.25"
    • Trucks: Taco Trucks, 180's
    • Wheels: Stella Mondo 75mm 78A
    • Wheelbase: 27.25" / 28.25"
    • Griptape: Stella Extra-Coarse
    • Artwork: Weasel Face (AKA Ryan Salter)

Product code: DIS-SD-07-LBSSS