Pintail Longboard Blunt Nose Monster 38" Stella Longboards Deck

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discontinued board

The Blunt Nose Monster is a more maneuverable version pintail longboard than the classic pintail longboards. With the updated wheelbase, it gives you a more responsive ride. It has a tighter wheelbase and a 83A bushing. This nice cruiser, carving board is more portable and you will have a great time with it!

Art by: New Fren

Deck Only.

This Stella blunt nose Monster pintail is a great cruising longboard deck for a low price.
    • Shape: Cruiser
    • Construction: 7 plys 100% hard rock Canadian maple
    • Size: 38" x 9.75"
    • Wheelbase: 24.625"
    • Griptape: Stella standard Black/Clear

stella longboard cruising style
Product code: DIS-SD-07-DLBSBNM