Market Price Girl Bamboo Carving 38 inches Longboard Deck Madrid-Longboards USA

Market Price Girl Bamboo Carving 38 inches Longboard Deck Madrid

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This Girl says it all. This is the new 2016 Market Price Bamboo Longboard from Madrid..

This long board deck has a big wide platform of 9.5". It provides plenty of space for your feet to shift and cross step when you are carving and cruising on mellow hills.

You can have larger size wheels on this board because of the cut out and don't have to worry about wheel bite. You can roll over anything in your path. The bamboo creates a very strong, and at the same time very flexible versatile board you want to take riding over and over again.

This Girl Bamboo longboard deck has flex and the bamboo adds strength making it a versatile board in the carving series. The Madrid Market Price Girl Bamboo longboard deck comes gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape.

This Madrid Girl carving longboard is proudly made in the USA. The complete is also available.
  • Model: Top Mount, carving longboard
  • Construction: Bamboo Layup
  • Size: L: 38" W: 9.5" WB: 30.125"
  • Griptape: Flypaper griptape
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