Madrid Longneck Missionary Bamboo Drop Thru Longboard 2016

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discontinued board

The Madrid Longneck Bamboo Missionary drop through longboard is specifically designed for today's commuter and push enthusiasts. This flexible traveler is ready to bring you from point A to point B.

It has a concave, a low-rider platform and it made out of bamboo to get that flex and add strength. This board is ready to convert you!

Transport completes come gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape and comes complete with Paris 180mm trucks and Cadillac Cruisers 70mm 80a wheels

This Madrid transport longboard is proudly made in the USA by Madrid Skateboards.
  • Model: Drop Through transport longboard
  • Construction: Bamboo Layup, Dropped Platform, Concave
  • Size: L: 37.375" W: 9.375" WB: 29.5"
  • Griptape: Flypaper griptape
  • Trucks: Paris 180mm
  • Bearings: Cadillac High-Performance bearings
  • Wheels: Cadillac Cruisers 70mm 80a