Madrid Glutton Maple 42 inch Downhill Longboard Deck 2016

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discontinued board
The Madrid Glutton maple Downhill longboard deck is called Glutton, because it is a celebration of functions. With a 1/2 "drop platform, W-Concave, Drop -Thru-mounting, CNC-milled wheel wells and grab rails for high speed.
With a wide platform this the board ideal for the riders who want to take the big mountain runs. It has A 32.5" wheelbase and a 10 " platform. The Glutton feels good underfoot, made out of 9 ply of maple with a circle simple logo.
The Glutton downhill longboard deck 2016 is one of the boards in the Madrid Downhill Series. The downhill boards come without griptape. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Shape Drop through, drop down, symmetrical
  • Dimensions: 42.75" x 10"
  • Features: CNC Wheel Wells, W-Concave, Drop-Thru
  • Construction: 9 ply maple
  • Wheelbase: 32.5"
  • Origin: Made in the USA