Madrid Desire DTF 36" Bamboo Longboard

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discontinued board

The Madrid Desire DTF 36" Bamboo Longboard has a dropped Low-Rider platform, which makes this longboard stable when riding. The Madrid Desire DTF 36" Bamboo Drop through Longboard is designed for carving, cruising and freestyle.  It is constructed of bamboo so it will be more flexible than a maple version. You can get his board in either a drop through or a top mount board. This Madrid bamboo longboard is made in the USA.


L: 36" W: 9.75" WB: 26"

    Components for the complete:

    • 10" 50° Trucks
    • Cadillac Sugar Mamas 66mm/79A (color may vary)
    • Cadillac High-Performance Bearings
    • Ultra-Clear Griptape
    Product code: DIS-MA-OOS-CDEC19SKIDECDRO