Madrid Cast Riot Top Mount Freeride 34 inches Longboard Deck 2016

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discontinued board

This Madrid Cast Riot freeride board deck will give you the ride you need. This top mount deck is apt for lashing out against hills, sidewalks and roads. You cannot go wrong. It does not matter which direction you are going.

Bomb those hills as your feet will stay locked due to the W-concave and wheel well flares.

This freeride longboard deck comes with Flypaper griptape. This deck is also available as drop through board. Choose the one you like best. Both are very good quality boards.

This Madrid Cast Riot longboard deck is proudly Made in the USA by Madrid Skateboards.
  • Model: top mount, symmetrical
  • Size: L: 34.25" W: 9.6"
  • Wheelbase: TM - 23.5√§√≥¬ù
  • Construction: Maple
Product code: DIS-MA-DEC16FRECAS