Madrid Boardgame Dream Top Mount 39" Longboard

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discontinued board

Step up your Game on this Boardgame longboard!

You will glide effortless downhill on this symmetrical board. This 39" Boardgame Dream carving longboard is a excellent topmount board and is ready to convert you!

The Dream Board game comes gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape, Paris 180mm trucks (maxed) or randal trucks (standard) and Cadillac Cruisers wheels

The maxed setup comes with 2 color wheels, the standard setup comes with 1 color wheel.

Also available as a drop through board.
This Madrid Boardgame dream longboard is proudly made in the USA.
  • Model: Top Mount, carving longboard
  • Construction: Rocked W-concave
  • Size: L: 39" W: 9.625" WB: 30.125"
  • Griptape: Flypaper griptape
  • Standard Setup
    • Trucks: Randal 180mm
    • Wheels: Cadillac Cruisers 70mm
    • Bearings: Precision bearings
  • Maxed Setup
    • Trucks: Paris 180 mm
    • Wheels: Cadillac Cruisers 70mm
    • Bearings: Cadillac High-Performance bearings
Product code: DIS-MA-CDEC16CARBOA