Madrid 2016 Cast Riot Freeride 34 inch Drop Through Longboard

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discontinued board

This Madrid Riot Cast freeride board will give you the ride you need. This board is apt for lashing out against sidewalks, hills, roads in a violent manner.

The Riot Cast's W-concave and wheel well flares keep you looked in, comfortable and wheelbite free, also with hard carving.

You can take it for a spin as soon as you take it out of the box.

This Madrid Riot Cast Freeride longboard is proudly Made in the USA.
  • Model: Drop Thru, symmetrical
  • Size: L: 34.25" W: 9.6"
  • Wheelbase: DT - 22.25√§√≥¬ù, TM - 23.5√§√≥¬ù
  • Construction: Maple
  • Trucks: Paris 180mm
  • Wheels: Cadillac High Rollers
  • Bearings: Cadillac
  • Griptape: Flypaper Griptape