Gravity Tres Palmas 45" Pintail Longboard - Complete

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discontinued board

This 45" gravity pintail longboard has been around for quite a while. It is perfect for cruising around your city or town and carving up some hills as well.

The flex of this pin tail longboard is medium and it has a mild concave.

Make it your own:
For the trucks, the randal 150mm R-ll are recommended.
For the wheels, the drifters - 70 mm are recommended.

The wheels are for All Around usage.. Exception is the blazer 70mm, 77a- green, which is for grip and rough roads.

Note:This Tres Palmas pintail longboard is USA made. Randal trucks and wheels are also made in the USA.
  • Length: 45.0"
  • Width: 9.25"
  • Nose:7"
  • Tail:6.5"
  • Wheelbase:32"
  • Trucks: Randal 150mm R-II (recommended)
  • Bearings: Gravity ABEC5
  • Risers: 1/4" Flat
  • Wheels: Gravity 66mm or 70mm (70mm is recommended)
  • Wood: 7 ply Hardrock Maple
Product code: DIS-GV-AS-PT45