Gravity Drop Kick Rainbow Barrel 43" Longboard

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discontinued board

The Gravity drop kick longboard Rainbow Barrel with its beautiful colors is a 7 ply board with an awesome flex pattern You are just about ready to anything with this drop through longboard. It offers a awesome flex pattern for cruising and carving and has a slight concave with a sweet little kick. The tail is designed for the freeriders to do some tricks and it has plenty of strength for the bigger riders. A great beginners and commuter longboard. It is an all around skater board and with the kick it is easier to do tricks. Enjoy the ride!This drop kick 43 inches longboard is made in the USA.
  • Wood: 7 ply Hardrock Maple
  • Length: 43"
  • Width: 9.50"
  • Nose: 1.875"
  • Tail: 5"
  • Wheelbase: 32"
  • Trucks: Paris 180mm
  • Bearings: Gravity ABEC5
  • Risers: 1/4" Flat
  • Wheels: Gravity 70mm (suggested)
Product code: DIS-GV-AS-DK43