Easy Hands Free Carrying Solution for Longboards

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Still carrying your longboard with your hands? Get this hand free system from Krakenfix! New! Easy way to carry your longboard anywhere!

Stylish waist-pack with reflective stripes so you can ride safely at nighttime. The 'backpack' has a shoulder harness system with padded shoulder straps, reflective board fastening bands, and heavy-duty YKK Fastex buckles.

Comes with durable skateboard case with elastic which attaches to shoulder harness.

Comes in 3 different sizes to fit 24" Penny Board to 48" Dancing Longboards, including the heavier electric longboards. This product is European made and will ship from Europe.
  • Dimensions: 24"-48"
  • Construction: Back Pack Case, bumbag
  • Shape: Longboard shape
  • Sizes: S, M, L

Contact us to see if these are available.

Product code: DIS-KR-LB013014-01