Diamond Bamboo Skateboard From Bamboo Skateboards Complete

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discontinued board

This sleek bamboo skateboard with its black and white design represent strength, sustainability and appeal.

The Diamond graphic on this skateboard is the first of three designs in the first Bamboo Series. This Bamboo series stand for sustainable, simplicity, and aggressive nature. Bamboo Slash is the second one and Bamboo Circle is the third one in the Bamboo Skateboards series. The Diamond is a quality cheap skateboard, so you can collect them all!
    • Model: skateboard
    • Construction: 6 ply hybrid (bamboo/maple), 10mm thick
    • Material: Non carbonized; lighter colored texture
    • Glue: Glue used in our decks is water-based and complies with European Standard EN71

bamboo board specs
Product code: DIS-BM-DIAMOND-85