Bamboo 40" Twin Tip DT Maize Mountain Longboard (South) - Complete - Longboards USA
Bamboo 40" Twin Tip DT Maize Mountain Longboard (South) - Complete - Longboards USA

Bamboo 40" Twin Tip DT Maize Mountain Longboard

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This is part of the Secrets of the Maya collection: The Twin Tip DT Maize Mountain (South) Longboard.

This piece was inspired by the ancient Mayan tale of Maize Mountain. Since the sun is strong in the south and helps to grow crops, the Maya associated south with corn (maize in Spanish). One of the most popular stories still told today is how the Maya discovered corn. They believed that all corn was hidden inside a mountain until the gods sent a bolt of lightning down to split open “Maize Mountain” so people could access its secret corn seeds.

The top of this deck is a graphic representation of lightning striking the top of a Maya pyramid (pyramids and temples were always symbolic of mountains)Õæ the bottom is abstract corn seeds hidden underground.

This bamboo drop through longboard is made out of 3 ply bamboo and 2 ply maple and it comes with Undertow wheels.
  • Dimensions: 40‚Äù x 9.25‚Äù
  • Construction: 5 ply Hybrid (3 ply bamboo, 2 ply maple; 70% bamboo)
  • Trucks: Tracker Fastrack black 150mm
  • Wheels: 70mm/78a Undertow Wheels
  • Bearings: Abec 7 Runner
  • Griptape: Clear Grip Tape
  • Hardware: 1.25″
  • Risers: Flat KHIRO Risers
  • Glue in the decks is water-based and complies with European Standard EN71
Product code: DIS-BM-MAIZE
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