Anvil Downhill Madrid 39 inch Formica Longboard Deck

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discontinued board

It is called the Anvil because you drop the hammer on it.

Zak Maytum from Madrid has designed and ridden this Anvil Formica downhill longboard deck 2016. With its 29.25 inch wheelbase this is the shortest one he has ever ridden. It's an ideal longboard deck for blasting your favorite steep hill.

This downhill board deck features the same "micro flush" that adds stability just like the drop through. It has a modified functional shape and is the most fierce looking speedboard!

This deck comes does not come with diecut Flypaper Griptape.

The Madrid Anvil Longboard deck is proudly Made in the USA by Madrid Skateboards.
This speedboard deck is also available in Maple.
  • Model: Downhill speedboard, CNC Micro-Flush and wheel wells
  • Size: L: 39.375" W: 9.875"
  • Concave: W-Concave
  • Wheelbase: 29.25"
  • Griptape:comes without Diecut Flypaper Griptape