Types Of Longboards

Shapes and styles
When you start longboarding, the first thing you will see is the diversity in all longboards . It comes in all shapes and styles. You will think 'What types of longboards are there? Well... many! The first thing you need to think is what do you want to do with the longboard? Do you want to cruise the streets or bomb the hills? Do you want to slide or carve or do you want to go to the park and pool and do tricks? Some longboards are also more stable than the others. Some decks are flat, some decks have a concave for stability. The shape of your longboard all depends on your preference and riding style.

There is also another part of the longboard that is very important: the length. Longboards range from 26-65 inches and it depends on what you want to do with it, you can choose the right size for your purpose. For example, the very short boards look more like skateboards and are excellent for tricks. Long longboards are excellent for cruising. If you choose a mid range longboard, 33-42 inches, most of them are good for any type of longboarding. You should be able to carve, cruise, slide and dance with it. Cruising longboards are excellent for carving and having lots of fun. They also sometimes called carving longboards. It is just a name so don't worry to much about it. Another name is just cruisers.

The width of the board is not the most important part of choosing a board, but it is good to know that there are differences. If you have a wider board, it will feel more comfortable and more secure than one that is narrow. You are able to put your entire foot on the surface when standing sideways and for a lot of people brings security. The surface of the deck is different with every longboard too. You have decks that are flat (most pintails) and decks that have a concave. Some medium, some deep. If you have a board that has a concave in the middle, it will lock your feet much better and it will make turning also easier since you can feel the toe and heel edge of the board. Most flat longboards are great for cruising. Camber longboards bend up in the middle of the board and allow more bounce.

Looking at the shape, you have several types of longboards. They all have a name. Think about the most classic one, the pintail. It is mostly flat and looks like a drop. It is the most popular one. Then you have the kicktail. With this one you can do tricks and get the board up much easier. The drop down is very low to the ground and perfect for beginners who wants to feel secure. The drop through is a symmetrical board that has holes at the ends where the truck goes through. You do not have to turn the board around to go back since it is symmetrical. That makes it easier if you want to go back and forth in the streets. Because of the drop through, the board is lower to the ground.

Another thing to consider is the material of the board. Most longboards come in wood. This can be hard rock maple or bamboo. Or composite material. Some types of longboard wood can split easier when you hit objects. Composite longboards tend to hold better when you abuse the board while riding. However, this is not a main concern when choosing your board. Most longboards made out of quality wood. All boards on your side are high quality boards. You also have longboards that comes in fiberglass and plastic. These are less common.

Another thing to consider is the weight of a longboard. You have small longboards that are perfect for campus and putting them in a backpack. They are usually lighter than the average longboard. You do not want to carry a heavy longboard around for hours. Long longboards tend to be heavy. You rather not bring this to school, but it is a great board to cruise around town, park and beach and will be much easier than a short and light board. The plies can make a different too. Most boards come in a minimum of 7-8 plies. Some are 9 or higher. These last longboards are excellent for the heavier persons. It is amazing to see that it holds riders up to 300 lbs.

Some longboards have more flex than others. If you buy a bamboo longboard, you will see you will have a lot more flex. A flexible longboard can get you lower to the ground and absorbs more impact when riding over rough surfaces. Stiff longboard without a flex are perfect for bombing down a hill and racing. This gives the rider more control over the board.

Graphic vs Blank
Many longboards are coming with a graphic, but you can also buy it without a graphic. It is called a blank longboard. You can add stickers or even spray paint, paint or color it with markers to make it your own special boards.

To get an idea what types of longboards are on the market, check out the longboards below:
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