The Best Longboards

Looking for the best longboards available today?
What is your riding style?
Want to cruise, ride, glide or slide?
Which brand do you prefer, do you care?

Based on what you want to do you need to pick the right board for you. Several factors apply to your board selection so think about it carefully and make an educated choice.
best longboards will not fit peg in square hole

Want to ride fast, relaxed, do trick or just commute, pick one of the best long boards for your activity. Are you a beginner or riding for years? This can hugely impact which one is the best longboard for you!

Boards are getting better and better every year, its just like cars, every year there are new models with improved specs.
But just like with cars, not everybody needs the latest model or can afford the best one. You can use a Porsche to commute can A to B, however a Toyota can do the job too, It all depends on your desires, budget and needs.

We have hundreds of complete longboards available for you to choose from as well as many options to put your own board together.
When you don't know your riding style and can use a little help read our ...

Longboards Buyers Guide

longboards buyers guide or contact us so we can help.

Below some boards, for different riding styles, do check out all the Complete longboards,
or select a riding style
    and start for there.

    There are many research websites which list the "best of the best" boards and although they look legit the majority is set up to sell you a specific brand or drive you to amazon or ebay.

    We unfortunately don't carry all brands and there are definitely great boards available from other top brands like sector9, loaded, landyachtz, arbor, duster, gold coast just to name a couple.
    If that's what you are looking for, feel free to browse around the web and find the perfect one for you.
    We have a great selection from many longtime longboard brands which you will definitely enjoy. Below some of the top longboards we have available for you, right now, here at our longboard store.

    Like we said, "what are the best longboards" all depends what your want to do, we have something for everybody!
    Know what is the best longboard for you, go check out all the best Complete longboards.