Steamy Summer Sale on Skateboard and Longboard Products

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Longboards USA Holds A Steamy Summer Sale on Skateboard and Longboard Products

Longboards USA is an American-based company of longboards and skateboards. The brand is currently offering an eclectic selection of discounted products

The skating industry was hit as any other as the global pandemic put many businesses in question. Aside from local in-store retail work, numerous companies had to close their shops for good. 

However, that’s not the case with Longboards USA. This company endured the hardships of lockdowns and curfews and decided to host a sale for skateboarding enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals. 

The brand’s longboard products are discounted in the range of 10% off the GoldCoast Teal Swell Cruiser to 37% off the Blue Pintail Longboard. The skateboard products are discounted in the range of 34% off the Bamboo Geometricity model to 10% off the Chocolate Tershy.

Longboard on Sale

Longboards USA was founded in 2006 in the Bay Area, California; the brand specializes in longboards, cruiser boards, and longboard skateboards. It’s backed by more than 10,000 people on various social media platforms, especially on Facebook. 

The brand started with toys and sporting goods before venturing into the realms of skates and longboards:

“First started with Toys, Games and Sporting Goods, and later extended with educational products, kids furniture, and fragrances. With growing demand, we were spending more and more time on Longboards and Skateboards. A great product to use outside, have fun, meet friends and socialize, so the decision was made to start a specific longboard store, and “Longboards USA” was born.”

Over 300 satisfied customers have voiced their opinions on Longboard USA’s product quality and customer support, rewarding the company with an impeccable 5/5 rating. 

Jon, a verified customer, praised his Longboard Decks Blank model and its swiftness, saying:

“Even its shadow is fast! This board is missing search engine optimization. I was searching for days for this style board in these exact dimensions. This might be the perfect commuter board!”

Jeffrey was thrilled with his experience with Longboards USA’s customer support:

“Quick responses to questions! Great selection and prices! Super fast shipping! You can’t go wrong supporting these guys!“

Dylan expressed his love for the Punked Lowrider, stating: 

“Looks and feels great. Made it into an electric longboard. The curvature is fantastic and makes the carving feel great. Laying low to the ground makes it more stable and balanced.”

cool longboard

The brand is well-equipped with the latest technologies and a highly-skilled work staff; Longboards USA is actively working on improving their techniques and craft, stating:

“Learning is something we do every day. As we grow we find out new specifics about Longboards / Skateboards that we didn’t know before. Your positive feedback and questions make learning go pretty fast. The support from skilled industry veteran manufacturers helps a lot too. So shop around at Longboards USA and we are happy to help finding the right board for you.”

More information about Longboards USA’s summer sale, catalog, and contact is available on the brand’s official website.

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