LTD Long Trek Deck Longboard

LTD longboard complete

Drop Down Drop Through Double Kick 42" Longboard from Funbox

Long Trek Deck Longboard


A killer board, that is the LTD longboard! This drop through longboard is a very popular longboard for beginners and advanced skaters. Not only great for sliding, but also perfect for freeriding and cruising. The board is easy to kick and push as it has a very nice deep elliptical concave that flattens out toward the center that will keeps your feet locked in. The concave is really tight and lovable, Initiating slides has never been easier. This longboard is perfect for learning new slides and freestyle kicks. Standing on this board is a breeze.


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This comfortable symmetrical Funbox LTD longboard deck has a one inch drop and is low to the ground. The board is made out of 8 ply hard rock maple, is durable and it holds up well. You can definitely go up to 40 miles an hour on this one. The LTD long trek has little neat shapes and features that sets this board apart from other boards. The mounting platforms near the trucks are drops that assist placing your feet.
LTD longboard
Churchill bearings

Polished Roll

The LTD comes complete with 70mm square lipped wheels, RKP 180 trucks and Churchill MGF abec 9 precision bearings. You won’t be disappointed. With its drop through and free space for the wheels features, it will be a smooth ride.

LTD with purple wheels


  • Shape: Drop Through, 1" Drop Down Double Kick Maple Deck
  • Size: 42.25 x 10"
  • Trucks: RKP 180 mm
  • Wheels: 70mm Square lipped wheels
  • Griptape: Black Super Grip Tape
  • Bearings: Churchill MFG ABEC 9 Bearings w/ Spacers
  • Hardware: 1.25" Hardened Hardware
  • Pushing Platform: 26″
  • For: Freeride / Skogging / Downhill / Long Distance Longboarding
  • This board is available as a deck only or a complete
  • The weight capacity of this board is up to 250 lbs.
LTD deck