Long Boards

Longboard, long board, long skateboard, just name it what ever you want, fine with us.

You can buy most longboards as complete longboards, which means everything is included and you can start skating as soon as you have your board in your hands. Of course you can also go for a custom longboard where you pick the part.

Long Longboard

For most people this is the best approach as the manufacturer has put a combination together which works well together for great longboarding.
The wheels and trucks are the right size for the deck, appropriate bearing inserted in the wheels, if needed riser pads are added and everything is put together with the correct hardware. Griptape is fixed on the board and you are good to go.

For many completes you can still select some variation to personalize your board, like the color of the wheels, or color of the trucks. Or the type of wheels, more square lipped, harder / softer durometer and some other variations which creates a board that's really fitted to your needs.

A complete longboard is in general a bit cheaper as more of the same means better standardization and less overhead. These boards are also called pre-assembled boards or pre-build longboards.


All components have been match so your board will ride well and is fitted for the riding style you want to use if for.

We have hundreds of complete longboards available for you to choose from.
If you know what you want, go order it and be on your way.
When you can use a little help read our

Longboards Buyers Guide

longboards buyers guide or contact us so we can help.

Below some boards, for different riding styles, do check out all the Complete longboards,
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    and start for there.

    For all complete boards the fun starts immediately: No assembly required.
    Complete longboards or for more custom see the blank longboards</>