Cruising Longboards

Cruising longboards are great boards to get from one point to the other without a lot of effort. This will be usually around town, on campus or as transportation to the office. It will be mostly on flat ground.

Cruising longboards are excellent for carving and having lots of fun. They also sometimes called carving longboards. It is just a name so don't worry to much about it. Another name is just cruisers.

You can get cruising longboards with a kicktail or without a kicktail, which is used for tricks, with a top mount or drop through. It is up to you which one you prefer. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from and practically almost all boards can be considered cruising longboards.

You can get cruising longboards with either a design or blank from different brands and they are available in different lengths and material. You can get them from 26 inches up to 55 inches. If you want to weave around pedestrians and foot traffic, it is best to buy a short cruiser board. It will be much easier and it is also easy to take with you. A short cruiser board is also great for young and smaller riders. Tall riders are also fine with these boards as long as they feel confident in their riding ability.

If you think you are going to do more then cruising eventually, then a longer board is better. The longer cruising boards are more stable and has more shed-ability. Longer cruising boards are great for a relaxed ride on the sidewalk or for practicing your skills. You need to be comfortable carrying around a longer board. They can get pretty heavy.

Cruising longboards comes mostly in bamboo or maple. Whichever you like best. Bamboo has more flex than maple. If you do not want complete cruiser longboards, you can also buy a deck only. Cruising longboards are also great beginner longboards. We have many to choose from. Let us know if you need help choosing one.
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