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Coupons for Longboards USA | Coupon codes | Promo Codes

Everybody likes a bargain, we understand that.

All of our products are competitive priced and many are already priced very low.
We always have some longboard on sales (check out which longboards are on sale).

To promote different longboards, we also have some discount coupons available.

Current discount coupons:

  • coupon code: NEW5OFF -- All new customers can apply this coupon code to get $5 off for their first purchase (when purchasing over $35).
  • coupon 22BFCM               10% extra off all products  (expired)
  • coupon 15BFCM2022       15% off orders over $150 - Limited time (expired)

  • coupon CHRISTMAS5     5% off all orders for limited time
BFCM Skateboard Longboard vender discount codes for Longboards USA  -- Expired

    Just apply coupon code during checkout. Get your best deal on longboard skateboard and enjoy!

    ... and shipping over $99 is free.


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