Best Longboard Brands 2018 and beyond

We carry many longboards skateboards from well known skate brands in our store.
All top quality products from well established vendors, many best longboard brands you can find in the industry, each with many years experience.

Looking for a specific longboard deck or complete from any of these top brands but can't find it? Just contact us, as we most likely will be able to provide it to you. Sometimes we just didn't get to putting it on the website. There are constant new and updated boards so its hard to keep up, but that doesn't mean we won't have it.
Pretty much any boards from these brands we can find for you so your next ride can be on a great longboard from a great longboard brand.

If you have question on any boards, setup, wheels, trucks or decks of these brands please let us know.
We talk to most of these guys every week and if we don't know the answer we will ask it to the industry experts for you.

We are authorized resellers for longboard skateboards from these best longboard brands.