10 Things Longboarders Hate

10 Things That Longboarders Hate!

Longboarding is one kind of fun activity on a longboard with the purpose of traveling from one place to another place. Longboards are comparatively more stable than skateboards.

 The maximum number of people prefer longboarding as it is easier to learn than skateboarding and allows you to control your balance with less difficulty. That’s why, nowadays, you’ll see many people use longboards as a means of transportation.

But, longboarders face some difficulties when they ride on the roads because of several reasons, like rough roads, rude cyclists, damaged longboard wheels, and more.

However, here in this article, we are going to briefly describe the10 things that longboarders hate most and why. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

In this segment, we have tried to accumulate the 10 cardinal things that longboarders hate and described why they hate those things most. Let’s see.

1.  Roads That Are Rough & Bumpy

Rough roads are one of the worst things the longboarders hate. Most people say having a big longboard with soft wheels will solve the problem of feeling shakes on the roads, but there is no way to get rid of the problems. The nasty and ugly roads with big cracks deprived longboarders of any kind of pleasure from the longboarding. And the worst thing is, these roads don’t get fixed soon. That’s why longboarders always stay away from longboarding on these types of roads. But, it is possible to get rid of the concerns by purchasing the best longboard wheels for rough roads that will confer the best performance.

2.  People Don’t Walk In a Straight Line

It is painful to have people in front of longboards, and longboarders hate it most. The maximum longboarders can bypass them if they are skilled enough. But, the thing is, it is not so easy to weasel out if people don’t walk in a straight line. Sometimes, if people are asked to walk in a straight line, they refuse to do it. It is mostly done by very old people.

3.  Longboard Wheels That Don’t Roll Fast

Longboarders always like to go fast, or at least like rolling for a long period of time. So, wheels that don't roll fast are a bother to them as they slow down and impede their ability to get from point A to B. They hate it most. To get rid of the problems, most longboarders use big wheels that allow them to go fast. That’s why, before purchasing a longboard, make sure that it has quality wheels.

4.  Guardrails

Guardrails are the worst things that longboarders hate as well. It is because, if you slip out in the middle of the road extremely fast, and fall into a guardrail, you’ll get a broken something for sure. You can even get hurt in your head, which is dangerous for longboarders. There are lots of accidents happening due to guardrails, even people getting hospitalized for a long period. That’s why we recommend not to go longboarding on the hillside roads, as there are guardrails available.

5.  Rude Cyclists

Cyclists, those who are rude, are culprits. They want the entire road themselves as if they won’t share it with anyone.  There are lots of cyclists out there who are extremely rude to longboarders. Particularly on any occasion, the cyclists would like to possess the entire road and don’t allow any skaters for longboarding. They think that their cycles are expensive and can be damaged if any accidents happen.

6.  Bad Longboarders With Best Longboards

Longboarders on bench

To build the biggest community, longboarders accept, take care of, and help each other, and it should be, right? But, there are lots of bad longboarders who don’t care about those values. They are people who threaten others over races, spread obscenities, make a lot of noise, and just do the things that really don’t go with longboarders. These types of longboarders are always avoided by the good ones. 

7.  Damaged Longboard Wheels

After a few days of longboarding. There are some wheels that get damaged, which is one of the worst things that almost all longboards face. Longboard wheels that won’t serve your needs for much longer always should be avoided. Most longboarders go for good and healthy wheels that provide the best experience of longboarding, and you ride 3x faster than the bad longboard with bad wheels.

8.  Walking Up

If you ride down your favorite hill, that means you are going to be climbing back up, right? Honestly, this ride is not fun at all. Walking up to the top is tiresome, no matter if it is a surface hill or a steep or short one. It still makes you tired. After accomplishing the very first run, your ankle and legs get so tired from walking up the hill that it can slow down your performance.

9.  Unfriendly Police Officers

Longboarders are still prohibited on some roads and police don’t allow them to use longboards where cyclists can go anywhere they want. Using longboards in the street is completely illegal in many countries, including the USA, UK. longboarders can use their longboards on walkways, which is legal. But, there are some police officers who don’t allow riding longboards even in walkways too. That’s why the maximum longboarders hate unfriendly police officers. 

10.  Rusted Bearings

Rusted bearings are another obscenity that makes wicked sounds, makes your will run slower, smell like rotten steel. The worst thing is when you are at the hills' top before a run, and you just notice that the bearings are rusted and no longboarding for you. 

What Things Should Be Considered While Purchasing a Longboard

Skateboarder on top of Ramp

There are several things that you should take into consideration when purchasing a longboard. Here we have pointed out some of the most significant factors.

  1. Consider the wheel shape first, as there are three different types of shapes available. We recommend having the offset one that has an extended center lip to confer more grip on rough roads.
  2. Go for the larger size wheels that are more ideal for rough roads due to their ability to rollover over cracks.
  3. Wheel diameter should be considered as well. It is better to choose one that is over 70 mm, which is suitable for downhill riding.
  4. Don’t forget to check the wheel durometer that affects the ride quality of a longboard wheel.
  5. Longevity is another most crucial thing to contemplate when purchasing the best longboard wheels for rough roads.

Final Thoughts

Longboarding is one of the most recreational activities and most people enjoy it. It is easy to learn and allows people to maintain the balance without confronting any difficulties. But, most longboarders face different kinds of complications when they ride on the streets that they hate most.

 In the above, we have described those things that make longboarders irritate when they ride and explained why. Hopefully, you have perceived what you wanted to. The last thing, during longboarding, don’t forget to wear a helmet and safety guards that will protect you from major injuries.

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