Punked Rasta Series Longboards Skateboards

Punked Rasta Series Skateboards and Longboards

Unleash your inner rebel with our latest Punked Rasta Longboards collection, blending the free-spirited Rasta culture with the edgy aesthetics of punk rock. Each board boasts a robust construction, designed to deliver unparalleled durability and performance on any urban terrain. The decks come alive with vibrant Rasta colors—fiery reds, deep greens, and mellow yellows, symbolizing the heartbeat of reggae music and a nod to the Rastafarian flag. These hues clash exquisitely with the gritty punk graphics, featuring bold, anarchic symbols and daring designs that speak to the nonconformist in all of us.

The decks are made from high-quality, sustainable maple wood, ensuring a sturdy yet flexible ride, perfect for both cruising and high-octane tricks. The wide and stable trucks are engineered for sharp, precise turns, while the premium bearings provide a smooth, fast glide. With a variety of sizes available, each longboard is tailored to suit every style and skill level, from newbie street surfers to seasoned boardwalk bombers.

Embrace the fusion of cultures and make a statement with our Punked Rasta Longboards—crafted not just for a ride, but for a lifestyle. Whether you're carving through the city or simply hanging it on your wall as a piece of art, this is more than a longboard. It's a symbol of unity, attitude, and the rhythm of the streets.

What are they main Rasta colors and why?

The main colors associated with Rastafarianism are red, green, gold (sometimes represented as yellow), and black. Each color holds significant meaning:

Red: This color symbolizes the blood of martyrs in the struggle for black freedom and the bloodshed of Africans during their fight against slavery and oppression.

Green: Green represents the lush vegetation of Ethiopia, the promised land in Rastafarian beliefs. It also symbolizes hope and the earth's fertility.

Gold (or Yellow): This color is often used to represent the wealth of their homeland in Africa, particularly the gold. It also symbolizes the sun and, by extension, God's favor and light.

Black: Black stands for the African people and their identity. It acknowledges the black origins of the Rastafari movement and the centrality of black people and their experiences in their theology and philosophy.

These colors are deeply rooted in the Rastafarian belief system, reflecting its Pan-Africanist ideology and spiritual connections to Africa. They are often seen on the Rastafarian flag and in various forms of art and fashion within the culture.