Skateboard Wall Art

Skateboard Wall Art

Hang something memorable on your wall with this unique Skateboard Wall art. Available in designs with 1,  3, or 5 boards. Great for your office, living room, kids' room, or any room in your house. Or that special room in the office that needs a personal unique touch. You can even personalize several of the boards with a phrase, inspirational text, or the name of a friend or child. 

We can do some custom designs too, so if you have a special need reach out to us, and let's see if we can help.

How do I choose the right skateboard wall art for my space?

Consider the following factors when selecting skateboard wall art for your space: Your personal taste and style. The color scheme and design of the room. The size of the wall and the artwork. The theme of the room (modern, retro, minimalist, etc.).

Can I use my old skateboard decks as wall art?

Yes, you can repurpose your old skateboard decks as wall art. Many people choose to display their used decks as a creative and eco-friendly way to showcase their passion for skateboarding. However these Wall Arts at Longboards USA are all made of brand new boards.

How do I hang my skateboard wall art securely?

These wall decor skateboard decks, come with specialized skateboard deck wall mounts, so you can easily put them on your wall.