Find Your Perfect Longboard by Riding Style

How you plan to use your board results in what we call a riding style.
The riding style determines what the characteristics of your board should be. Select your riding style so you will get the most appropriate board. Pick your longboard riding style.
Cruising is the most common form of longboarding. The word says it already. You cruise around. Anybody can do it. Beginners start with cruising. Also, experts cruise. It brings you from point A to point B. It is a form of transportation, and it is gentle and relaxed. There will be no hills or mountains involved. Most cruising longboards you will see on the streets are between 32"and -42" long. These are the perfect choice for moving. The wheels are soft, so you won't feel every bump, and the board has a flex that can help you on long rides and also absorbs some of the rough terrains you may have. Some people love flexy boards since it is springy, and it rebounds, and others prefer the increased sense of stability for higher speeds that come with a stiffer deck, this choice will ultimately be up to your personal preference. 

Freestyle is the art of doing tricks on a longboard. Freestyle is often confused with freeride. Freestyle has a lot of standing up, jumping, flipping, spinning, and board dancing. Freestyle longboarders are becoming more one with their board. The roots are coming from skateboarding.

Freeride is a form of downhill longboarding in style but is more trick-oriented and more technical, and the rider carves and slides to control speed when going down.

Sliding is the most common technique. This allows you to slow down or stop yourself. When you want to freeride this is a very important skill to learn as it prevents injuries to yourself and others.

A dancing longboard is a type of longboard skateboard that is designed for dancing, freestyle, and other tricks. It is longer than traditional skateboards and has a larger platform to allow for more foot space for dancing.

Surfskating is a form of skateboarding that mimics the movements and the feel of surfing on the water, but on a hard surface.

Downhill longboarding is for the experts and adrenaline junkies. It is all about speed, sliding hands down, carving, and drifting. A lot of downhill longboarders participate in races, and it is all about huge hills and going down as fast as possible. The riders get into a tucked position and put all their weight on their front foot to get maximum speed. Before doing this, you need to know how to slide and stop yourself and it goes mostly straight down the hill to get maximum speed.