Slow Dayz Wasabi 42" Longboard Kicktail Stella

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discontinued board

This kicktail longboard Slow Dayz Wasabi is perfect for cruising. The medium concave and the angled kicktail gives this long skateboard control. The kicktail is wider to give you another control as well in tighter situations. This board has wheel cut outs for the loose truck riding and doesn't have the dreaded wheel bite. This slow dayz wasabi kicktail longboard comes with 180mm inverted kingpin trucks.

  • Shape: Kicktail Cruiser
  • Construction: 8 plies 100% Canadian Maple
  • Size: 42" x 9.5"
  • Wheelbase: 28.5"
  • Trucks: Taco Trucks 180mm Inverted kingpin
  • Wheels: Stella 69mm 78a
  • Griptape: Stella Standard Black


Product code: DIS-SD-07-LBSKTSDWA