Madrid Space Owl Street Pool Skateboard - Complete

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discontinued board

A cool owl skateboard, The Space Owl. Fly through the air, bomb down the hill and shred the pool and streets. The Space owl is made out of 7 plies of maple and is cold pressed. This Pool Street board is 8.625" wide over the front truck with a slight taper and wheel wells to accommodate larger wheels.

The Space Owl comes complete with X-Caliber 8" or 8.5" trucks, 52mm street wheels, Diecut Flypaper griptape and precision bearings. This Madrid Space Owl skateboards is Made in the USA.
  • Model: Pool Street Board
  • Trucks: X-Caliber 8" or 8.5" trucks
  • Wheels: 52mm street wheels
  • Size: L: 32.5" w: 8.625" WB: 14.5"
  • Griptape: Diecut Flypaper griptape
  • Bearings: Precision bearings
Product code: DIS-MA-CDEC15STRSPA