Gravity Longboard Freeride Drop Carve 41" Olas Azules - Complete

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discontinued board

This Gravity Drop Carve 41" Olas Azules is the ultimate freeride board. It longboard has a traditional skateboard construction and comes with USA made Randal R-II 180mm wheels.

It has high quality components and it gives you a very low and stable ride. Since it is so stable you can easily swoop carves and make easy turns while you ride through town.

This longboard is extremely easy to push around. It has 7 plies of maple that gives you a perfect flex and a comfortable ride.

The Olas Azules longboard is a perfect freeriding longboad for campus cruising and beginners. This freeride beginners longboard is made in the USA.
  • Trucks: Randal R-II 180mm
  • Bearings: Gravity ABEC5
  • Risers: None, this is a drop through mount
  • Wheels: Gravity 70mm or 76mm Hi-Grade
  • Wood: 7ply Hardrock Maple
  • Length:41.00"
  • Width:9.50"
  • Nose:2.50"
  • Tail:2.50"
  • Wheelbase:31.50"
Product code: DIS-GV-AS-DC41