Pin Tail Longboards

Pin Tail longboards come in a variation of lengths and materials. Some with great graphics other just plain blank board. All great fun and joy.

Pin Tail longboards is shaped curved to prevents that the wheels come in contact with the board (this prevents the so called "wheelbite") while providing ample foot space. They are great for relax carving and cruising.
Most pin tail longboards have top mounted trucks which keeps the board high and makes changing direction easy.

They are also called pintail longboards. How you spell "pin tail" or "pintail" is up to you.

pin-tail Longboard

They start around 39 inch and go up to over 46 inches. The optimal size is seen around 40-42 inch the pintails.
Pin tail longboards are super good for beginning longboarders and people who want to have fun and carve around campus, beach or town.
Here a selection of some pintails to get you started.

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