Madrid Longboards - Madrid Downhill Longboards

Madrid Downhill longboards are one of the best longboards for advanced longboarders. They are high-quality boards with or without Formica. Formica adds extra strength to the board and increases performance. These downhill longboards range from 37-39 inches long and designed by the Madrid racers.

These kick-ass longboards are keepers. With a deep concave to lock your foot and a stiff board, you can bomb the hills with ease.You can choose from a drop through, symmetrical top mount or one way. All boards are available in deck only or complete.

Some of the boards have wheelbase option ranging from 26-28 inches. You can put on your wheels where ever is best for you and can customize your board with more tail or nose.

These Madrid downhill longboards excel at flowing corners rail to rail, drifting with precision, and giving you all the leverage you need to grip back up and catch your friends.

Trapstar 37.5″

Madrid Longboards - Trapstar 37.5

  • Directional top-mount speedboard designed for maximum control at high speeds.
  • 37.5”x 10” with wheelbase options ranging from 27.5” to 29”
  • This deck can handle anything from big mountain passes to tight windy sidewalk paths.
  • The front foot Money Pocket keeps you locked in and drives the steering from the front of the board by wedging the front truck.
  • Wide W-concave in the rear, the Trapstar keeps it real in the streets.
  • Designed by Justin Rouleau


Glutton 42.75

Madrid Longboards - Glutton 42.75

  • Feast of features.
  • With a 1/2“ dropped platform
  • W-concave, drop-thru mounting
  • CNC-cut wheel wells and grab channels
  • Glutton is built for serious speed
  • A 32.5” wheelbase and a 10” wide platform make this board optimal.
  • 8 plies of maple sandwiched between two layers of Formica to add torsional strength and reduce road vibrations.
  • It is also available in 9-ply maple
  • Designed Bernt Jahnel.


50 cal 36.25

Madrid Longboards - 50 cal 36.25

  • Can handle giant mountain passes, to cruising to the grocery store
  • Comfortable concave and plenty of foot space.
  • Madrid’s T-3 concave lets you know where you are with a
  • slight ‘W’ that stays consistent throughout the length of the board.
  • Maple and Formica are used in construction to dampen vibrations and keep the board strong and stiff
  • Designed by Calvin Staub


Circuit breaker 36.75″

Madrid Longboards - Circuit Braker

  • Keeps your feet locked in while tucking or throwing out
  • Can control the flow of energy with ease.
  • Gives you ultimate control with an arc-drop concave that creates pockets on both ends of the standing platform
  • Cutouts leave plenty of room for large wheels
  • Optional Formica layup adds torsional strength while reducing road vibrations.


Kraken 37.125″ 

Madrid Longboards - Kraken 37.125

  • Built for the curvy canyon runs of California
  • Excels at flowing corners rail to rail, drifting with precision, and giving you all the leverage you need to grip back up and catch your friends. The
  • 37.125” long, 10.25” wide, and has a 3/4” rocker with a W-concave that creates a rocker/’W’ pocket for each foot.
  • Comes with a solid amount of wheelbase options from 26” to 28.125”
  • Options in construction; pick up the all maple board for a traditional feel or Formica pressed board for increased performance.
  • Designed by Peter Eubank


Deviant 38.375″

Madrid Longboards - Deviant

  • Features a 1/2” directional drop design with a bowled-in front end for turning leverage and a radial back for control while sliding.
  • The concave runs all the way through to the drops, with a ‘W’ that fades out toward the front for more comfortable riding on rough pavement.
  • 25.5” standing platform, 1/4” of rocker, which makes it easier to tuck and helps keep your feet planted on the board when sliding.
  • The matte black Formica looks tough and the graphic gives you a lot more room for cool stickers. –
  • Designed by Max Dubler

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