Longboard Stickers

longboards USA stickers

Want some Longboard stickers?

Yes, you can get those awesome stickers, so you can jazz up your longboard or skateboard!
We have our own logo Longboards USA on a sticker and you can get these for free.(* when they are available in stock)
In order to keep them free for everyone, here is what you can do to get them.

Send us a SASE (Self -Addressed Stamped Envelope)

That means write your name and address on an envelope, addressed to yourself. Put a stamp on it. Then put that inside another envelope, which you address to us.

Our address:
Longboards USA
ATTN: Sticker Team
988 Governors Bay Drive
Redwood City, CA 94065

This is how you do it:

  • This is what we put your stickers in, so if it isn't stamped, you won't get it back
  • You need two envelopes. Write the first envelope with our address on it and your own address in the upper left corner. Put a stamp on it.
  • Write a second envelope, addressed to you and our address in the upper left corner. Put a stamp on it and don't seal it.
  • Put the second envelope inside the first envelope and seal it. Then mail it to us. Wait patiently for your stickers.
  • Enjoy and decorate your longboard or skateboard when you receive your awesome adhesive stickers!

*USA Only - We cannot accept international pre-paid postage.

Longboard Stickers