Custom Longboards

So you want a custom longboard?

That's perfect ...

because you can customize many boards to fully meet your needs.
Its great to start with a blank board and add the appropriate trucks, wheels and hardware to it to make it into a complete board.

custom longboards

Custom longboards are great as you can pick in many cases the color of the wheels, shape and durameter of the wheels. 
Just let us know what you prefer to have. On the custom boards we can add different wheels, build with or without griptape and pick the desired truck.
Not everything fits on every boards, so sometimes the options are not available. Sometimes there are so many combinations possible that we have limited the selection on the website. If there is something specific you want please contact us and we will see if we can make it work.
Note that several complete longboards also are available in different setup, like grippier wheels, or softer wheels.
And of couse you can just buy the deck only and shop around for wheels and trucks.

Here some good quality board to fully customize for you and get you started.
For more boards take a look at the blank boards in our blank longboard section or the longboard decks and start from there..
For all blank custom longboards see the blank longboard section.