Want to look cool and own a cool looking longboard?

Longboarding and graphic design go together for quite some time. So does looking cool and skating around on cool looking longboards.
Cool Longboard

For many years boards have been designed by people you really loved skating and by skaters who use boards to express themselves. A board is a great conduit to build some recognition and create something that really expresses who you are.

It’s an excellent canvas to work on.

Brands keep pushing forward a long time tradition of brash and bold bottom graphics. Griptape has also entered that design stage and more and more boards come with some pretty interesting top designs these days, resulting in bold longboard designs on top and bottom.

Of course you can take a blank board and really go at it, make it fully your own or take one of the complete longboards and skate as if you own the world. They are just beautiful, imagine riding one of these monsters and rocking the street with these awesome designed boards! In the end being cool is all about being comfortable with yourself, your equipment and the environment.
There are many ways to express that in your - boards - appearance.

Its really personal, so maybe someone might not find your boards cool, but that's fine and can be fast as hell.
Have you ever wondered how cool longboards really look like? Well, you found a place where we are going to list some of them.

Its just the tip of the ice berg, so check out all the complete longboards or blank longboards if you want to get creative.

Have fun and let us know what your cool longboard looks like.

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So check out all the complete longboards as there is definitely a cool one for you there, or blank longboards if you want to get creative and make your own coolness.