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Longboard Skateboard RKP 180mm Black Trucks G7 - set of 2

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Longboard Skateboard RKP 180mm Black Trucks G7 - set of 2

These Reversed Kingpin Trucks in black are perfect for getting loose and for carving on the streets.

The 180mm RKP black trucks can be used on longboards: kicktail longboards, pintail longboards, fishtail longboards, drop through longboards and mini longboards with a wider shape.

The length of these trucks is 180mm and have double barrel bushings, The Reversed kingpin helps you on those tight turns as they have a greater turning ability. They measure 10" axle to axle with 92a cone bushings.

The kingpin truck has a standard 6 hole set. Available in different colors.

The price is per (set) 2 trucks.
  • Brand Generic
  • Dimensions: 180mm 10" axle to axle
  • Color: Silver
  • Bushings: double barrel bushings 92a
  • Boards: all longboards
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